Daily 1% x 64: Pulling A Fast One On Your Brain

Daily 1% x 64: Pulling A Fast One On Your Brain

Are you having one of those blah days? Or a moment where it seems like a cloud is following you around?

Here’s a quick way to help your brain shift from where it’s at to where you’d like to be.

Every feeling begins with a thought. Thinking new thoughts will help you to feel new feelings. 

On this podcast in almost every episode I talk about thoughts coming from feelings. This idea is not meant as a permanent fix but it is one method for getting your brain into a new place.



If you’d like some help with your thoughts in a more permanent way that will serve you long term, I highly recommend getting in touch with me for coaching.

I promise, you’ll be so glad you did and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Whatever your brain is doing, I can help you with it. Email me at davina@davinafear.com and get your spot now.

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