Daily 1% x 57: Failure and Success

Daily 1% x 57: Failure and Success

Jia Jiang decided to try an experiment. A genius idea that taught him more than he could have imagined. He decided to see if he could get rejected everyday for 100 days.

He expected to fail everyday for 100 days.

Surprisingly, he found something else.

Failure feels like the end of the world.

Today, we’re talking about how it could be the beginning instead of the end.

If you’ve ever failed, this daily 1% is for you.


Rejection Therapy by Jia Jiang 

A-Z of Affluence by Deepak Chopra

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Rejection, failure, success…we’ve all struggled with it on some level. If you’d like to break through and see your life and possibility differently, sign up for your free coaching call today! It’s time for you to be free!

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