Daily 1% x 55: You Can Do Anything

Daily 1% x 55: You Can Do Anything

You are a field of all possibility!–in the words of Deepak Chopra

When I was young I believed I could do anything. I wanted to be a premier ballerina like Maria Tallchief. I checked out the books from the library about her and read them multiple times.

I was in ballet classes.

In my mind, I was headed toward my dream.

It was exciting, real, and within reach.

Never once did I doubt that it could happen.

As we grow the field of possibility in our own mind dwindles.

We begin believing all the things the world tells us about ourselves.

We stop listening to the part of us that tells us anything could happen.

If you’ve stopped listening or you know you’re meant for more…make sure to listen in!


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