Daily 1% x 51: Confusion and Drama

Daily 1% x 51: Confusion and Drama

For years I told myself I was confused.

I didn’t know what to do next. I was torn between leaving photography and starting a coaching business.

Photography was something I had loved and done for over 16 years. Coaching and mentoring was something I had done for photographers, helping them to grow their businesses.

Making a decision, I told myself, was confusing.

Creating all kinds of drama around what to do and when, whether I should take the leap or whether I shouldn’t…

These questions constantly plagued my mind.

I thought about them all the time…

Telling myself, “If I just had the answer, I would TOTALLY move forward!”

Does this sound familiar?

One of the awesome ideas I learned from Brooke Castillo is the idea of indulgent emotions. And drama.

Both of them are ways we give ourselves permission to not move toward our dreams.

I was completely indulging in confusion…

and bringing all kinds of drama with to my ‘HUGE’ decision.

It may not seem like we are giving ourselves an out but when you sit with it…you discover some interesting things.


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