Daily 1% x 40: Stop Believing The Lies

Daily 1% x 40: Stop Believing The Lies

You aren’t the only one telling yourself lies.

We all do it. No one is exempt.

Harry Potter did it in every single book in the series, especially in The Goblet of Fire.

Steven Pressfield does it and he tells us all about it in Turning Pro.

There is no end to the lies our brain tries to tell us to keep us safe and prevent us from doing things that are important, things we are meant to do in the world.

There is something to do about those lies…

Let’s talk about what to do about those lies in today’s episode…


It’s time to stop with the lies you are telling yourself. Let’s face the truth. I promise, it’s better…way better…than the lies.

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Loving What Is by Byron Katie

The Bible (Peter’s story)

The Book of Mormon (Alma the Younger’s story)

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