Daily 1% x 35: Flourish

Daily 1% x 35: Flourish

My daughter, Emma, did something she had never done before (I tell you the story in this episode).

She was scared.

In fact, she was not happy about doing it.

She wanted to stay home.

(have you felt that way, too?)


It changed her life.

She flourished.

In super awesome ways!

Your whole life doesn’t have to be 100% happy or easy or not scary.

In fact, if you’re having 50% happy/50% not happy days, you’re doing awesome!

I know I keep saying this but it’s a key principle of life.

Life is about opposition.

We can’t know darkness we can’t know light.

That’s a super wonderful thing!

Flourishing is about so much more than being happy.

Let’s talk about that today…


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