Daily 1% x 228: Be Awesome

Daily 1% x 228: Be Awesome


A couple of years ago that πŸ‘†quote was being said everywhere

Posters were being made

It was a thing 

It was trendy to have stuff that SAID: be awesome. 

What does it even mean to BE AWESOME?

Let’s make a list:

Know who you are

Show up big

Do hard things

Be on fire

Create epic stuff

Be willing to do scary ideas

Not back down

Stay positive 

Have courage 

Don’t listen to haters

Keep going

All of these are good. 


What about:

🌟Loving yourself even when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning

🌟Letting yourself take a nap

🌟Noticing your body and listening to it

🌟Saying no

🌟Going to bed when you want to stay up late

🌟Turing off your phone

🌟Letting yourself be sad or mad or glad or frustrated and feeling into it on purpose 

🌟Celebrating yourself

🌟Giving yourself a pat in the back

🌟Having a one person dance party when you hit that goal: big or small

🌟Taking a walk

🌟Saying yes to you

🌟Slowing down

Often, when we think of being awesome

It’s the big showy positive in-your-face types of things we consider


The truth is

The big showy things aren’t what make you awesome


YOU AND ME, we arrived on this planet with this tattooed on our soul:


Being awesome isn’t up for debate or discussion 

We already are

We may not believe it

Nothing has gone wrong if you don’t believe in your own awesomeness 

I didn’t believe in mine

I wanted other people to tell me about my awesomeness 

I looked for it in projects and accomplishments 

All of us do

Until we stop

Until we start seeing the ways we’ve hurt ourselves 

And we start putting salve on those wounds

Beginning to love our already existing awesomeness

Accepting our awesomeness

Even when we do things we don’t like

It’s in how we treat our selves on the way to those big showy things that make us see and love and allow our awesomeness. 

Saying I love you to yourself even when you do things you wish you hadn’t

Celebrating yourself when it seems too small

Seeing your fire for its ability to both burn AND warm

Loving yourself for all of it 

Seeing your desire for quiet and aloneness AND being visionary 

Not judging yourself for any of it 

Seeing your emotionally messy self AND your ability to hold someone’s pain so carefully

Be willing to love both parts of you. 

Seeing you desire for structure, order, control AND your ability to make things simple for others

Embracing both without shaming yourself

Seeing your all-over-the-place-thinking-and-talking AND your bubbly engaging fun self

Giving both parts a grateful hug. 

This is where your awesomeness lies. 

In all of it. 

Stop judging you



What are two contrasting things about you?

Ready to embrace ALL of YOU? Click here to get started. 

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