Daily 1% x 227: Date Yourself

Daily 1% x 227: Date Yourself



I spent the day at the:

Mint Art Museum 🥰🙌💥

Walking around all by myself, looking at all the exhibits is my favorite…

No one to rush me or wonder why I’m taking so long. 

My favorite is getting to witness the way a piece was created or the life long work of an artist. 

Both types of exhibits remind me:


Even if…

•It seems like figuring something out is taking too long

•Life feels frustratingly like a hamster wheel

•My business or a project or a relationship is taking to long to see the results I want 

Seeing what artists take a life time to create…

Tweak things and try again

Then try again

Put their work out there 

Take more risks

Break some rules 

Travel across the world to work with mentors

Seek out people they admire and don’t give up until they’ve learned what they want to learn

Break some more rules 

Sit next to artists who inspire them and do exactly what they do 

Travel back across the country

Keep trying

And trying 


Believing in their dream 

Breaking their own brain rules.

Seeing these types of exhibits reminds me to zoom out on my life 

EVERYTHING is going exactly the way it’s supposed to…

Or else it would all be happening differently. 

What date would you take yourself on? 

Dates I’ve taken myself on:

•A random photography exhibit in a random city

•Explored a town 

I had never been to

•Went to the movies in the middle of the day

•Shopped at thrift and vintage stores

•Spent hours walking through a photography exhibit featuring women National Geographic photographers 

•Got ice cream

•Took a walk in a new place

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