Daily 1% x 225: Your Brainiac Maniac

Daily 1% x 225: Your Brainiac Maniac


Our brains want to cancel/ignore all of our awesomeness!!

Don’t let it!

This week I’ve done so much brave and bold stuff!


Last night as I was prepping for bed, my brain was like:

Wow. You’ve not accomplished your goals. You didn’t get 50 new clients.

(Mind you, my goal was not 50 new clients but my brain likes to be VERY dramatic.)

I said to my brain:

Hold it right there, Brainiac Maniac.

You are wrong.


I know you like to scan for what’s wrong.

I know that’s your job and all so I can stay alive

And not get a fever and die

And not get kicked out of civilization

And all that


You are completely overreacting.


Then I recounted a big long list of things I did this week that I’m really proud of.

I pat myself on the back for those things.

Then pat myself on the back for calling out my brain.

Then I gave myself a hug for my awesomeness.

And gave myself a hug fir my brain to tell it it’s okay I’ve got this covered.

I know you’re worried.

Then I danced it all out so I get my awesomeness in my body and not just in my head.

I’m sure if you were watching me you’d be thinking:

What the heck is happening over there?

But dancing to your own music and awesomeness is a great way to live your life.

Pause right now

Stand up

Tell yourself all your delightfully awesome ways you’ve been showing up



Sort of cool

Very cool



No one noticed but you

That thing you did when you were feeling bold and brave

The project you started or finished

The mind blowing insight you had

The time you told your brain to shush and did the scary thing

The time you told your brain to zip it and didn’t listen to it tell you all the ways you aren’t enough

When you took that nap

It all counts!!

You have lots to celebrate.

I’m here to tell you…

You made it through this incredible human experience this week and you did it gloriously

Dance it out, Warrior.


Looking for a song?

I’ve got lots of celebration songs for you on Spotify. (Link in comments)

Go dance your heart out, my Dear Warrior.

I wanna hear what you’re celebrating!!

Do tell!

Want to share the one you chose? Please do! Tell me in the comments.

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