Daily 1% x 224: Be Your Own Magic

Daily 1% x 224: Be Your Own Magic

What if you could… 🤔🤩


Be your own magical 💫 :


•YODA who compels you to do the hard thing, take the risk, and 100% believes in you even when you doubt


•KINDNESS ADVOCATE who doesn’t let you say mean things to yourself


•PERSON WHO SAYS to you “I’m here for you, no matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’re feeling”


•SWEET & LOYAL DOG who stays by your side and sits with you when you’re sad


•MOM who rubs your back while you cry about feeling like you have no friends


•BEST FRIEND who tells you all the reasons you’re awesome and everyone else is missing out


•TEACHER who says you’re doing great, you’re learning, and you’re so proud of you


•MENTOR who believes in you and the impact you are and will have in the world.


•FORGIVER of everything you’ve ever said or done


•MONK who is filled with wonder at your being-ness


•YOUNGER SIBLING who thinks you are genius and believes everything you say and do is also genius


•DELIVERER from your past regrets


•PEACEMAKER with who you are and who you aren’t


•DAD who protects you and keeps you secure


•GRANDPA who speaks deep wisdom to you with zero judgement


•LIGHT GIVER who helps you see both your light and gently shines light into your places the light has not yet reached


•MERCIFUL BENEFACTOR who bestows mercy on yourself when you say something weird or want to lean toward beating yourself up


•THE RICH RELATIVE who gave you so much money


•LOVE GURU who pours out love on you every second of the day, who believes you are lovable no matter what is going on with you.


•GRANDMA who loves you when it feels like the world is against you and bakes you cookies, hugs you every time you need it, and kisses you on the forehead.


•WIZARD who knows the magical and cryptic things to say or do that help you tap into your own strength, magic, and genius


We see these awesome people depicted in movies or books and believe we should have had that kind of person in our life.


Sometimes we look around and think everyone else got all these people in their lives and we didn’t.


Stop looking around.




Be all these things to yourself.


Choose one of the above. Be that to you today. 💛


Believe all of these people are within you, ready to help you and guide you.


You deserve it. 💕🥰


Want to share the one you chose? Please do! Tell me in the comments. 😁


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