Daily 1% x 223: You’re All That

Daily 1% x 223: You’re All That

You’ve done something you’re totally proud of, at some point, right?

Like totally thought you rocked it?

And then….

Bum bu bummmm….

Your brain comes in like a freight train T-boning a car sitting on the tracks and says:

Wow. You sure messed that up. 

What were you thinking?

Why did you say that?

You took over the conversation. 

You are so selfish. 

You don’t ever think about other people. 

You only think about yourself. 

You’re too much. 

You’re over the top. 

People are not going to like you now. 

You’re kind of a joke. 

No one really cares about what you have to say. 

If this has ever happened to you…

You’re not alone. 

Not only that…

News flash:

You’re human. 

We both are. 

Because I, too, have had this happen to me. 


Here’s what I realized.…

Two things you can do, in this episode. 

Click this link to talk about working together. 

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