Daily 1% x 220: Space Buns

Daily 1% x 220: Space Buns

1% more creativity.

Ohmiheck. It’s so good for your brain and your heart and soul.

It’s magic!

It can be so simple.

For me, that 1% happens when I get dressed.

I choose something I haven’t worn and then pair the item with something I would NEVER put with it.

Sometimes this is the opposite shoes (maybe I’d usually wear heels but I pick kicks instead)

Or a crazy accessory

Or my husband’s tie

Or S P A C E buns in my hair!

(Make sure to click on the pics below. These S P A C E buns make me laugh every time I see them. Hello, Who-Ville!’)

What I love is that I get to find out something awesome

About myself

About my creativity

I get to push my own boundaries

And challenge the rules that live inside my head

You can do it, too!

Imagine the you who is just 1% more creative for five days…

It’s totally doable

With magical results waiting for you!

Jump in, Warrior!

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