Daily 1% x 22: Creating You

Daily 1% x 22: Creating You

It’s summer here in The States so we were at the pool.

We were all excited about and looking forward to an afternoon of swimming, hanging out, reading books on floats on the water while we got a bit of a tan.

We hadn’t been to the pool yet and it felt like it was already half way through the summer.

Within about 20 minutes of arriving a total and complete downpour of a summer thunderstorm rained down out of the sky in buckets.

It was crazy.

In that moment we could have decided to be victims. Our perfect afternoon ruined.

Instead we decided something else.

In every moment we can decide whether we will be victims or creators.

We chose to be creators.

Sitting under an awning with a table somewhat free of the rain except for the golf ball sized holes that pour rain through them, we ate the picnic lunch we brought.

We laughed. And sat in amazement of the sheets of rain that came one after another.

When it looked like it wasn’t going to let up, we ran for our car, getting drenched and laughing.

Victim. Creator.

We all get to choose in every moment of everyday.


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