Daily 1% x 219: Owning YOU

Daily 1% x 219: Owning YOU

Bubble braids.

Until two weeks ago I had never worn them.

I was a little afraid of them.

Several years ago, someone I respect suggested I was wearing braids to keep people from taking me seriously…to soften my intense personality.

I don’t think she was wrong.

I stopped wearing two braids.

Not because she told me to but because I wanted to experiment…

See if there was some truth to her theory.

I started paying attention to allowing my intensity without apology.

I didn’t return to the two braids.

Mainly, because I didn’t think I needed them anymore.

Her suggestion DID help me to own who I was.

I no longer try to soften my strength, intensity, passion.

Several months ago, someone suggested I try bubble braids.

I didn’t know what they were.

I looked them up and immediately thought:

I can’t wear those. It will be me trying to hide my intensity.

So what made me decide to try them?

I decided I’ve come a long way.

Wearing bubble braids would feel different because I’m different than I was all those years ago.

Now, I feel stunning and fierce.

Now, I don’t feel like I’m sending a mixed message of “please like me even though I can be really intense and passionate.”

Now, I love me when I look in the mirror.

I see the woman I am now, and I think:

You are intense fiery awesomeness. I love you!

Evolution is amazing.

Coming to know and love yourself opens up to you all the rules you may have been believing and not realizing.

I hadn’t realized that I was trying to make my intense self more palatable for other people with my cute braids.

Understanding and loving yourself on entirely new levels and in completely new ways is mind blowing and super powerful.

Getting to show up in your life more on fire and beautiful and passionate and real than you ever have in your life is incredibly sexy.


Nearly everywhere I go, people respond to me without being able to stop themselves.

Last night at dinner I walked into a restaurant and a woman there gasped the moment she saw me.

She said: Oh my goodness! Look at you!! I love your hair!!

She kept saying effusive things all the way to our seats.

This can happen for you, too.

Coaching helps you to love and adore yourself…

YOUR strengths, YOUR goodness, YOUR flaws, YOUR darkness AND your light, YOUR humanness,

The parts you think are ugly and the parts you hope have beauty in them.

You see your judgements toward yourself and you understand them and then eventually…you let them go.

You see yourself differently, with more love and honor and respect and compassion than you ever have before.

If you’re wanting more for yourself…

You’re ready for coaching.

I know exactly how to help you.

The big surprise with figuring out how to love yourself more is…

You become even more open to increased love and less judgement toward others.

It’s a win for everyone.

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