Daily 1% x 217: If You Still Haven’t…

Daily 1% x 217: If You Still Haven’t…

Does one or more of these sound like you?

I still haven’t lost the weight I want to lose.

I still haven’t started my book.

I still don’t have the relationship I want.

I still don’t have the spiritual life I’ve been longing for.

I still struggle with one (or more) of my kids.

I still haven’t started my podcast

I still am not writing

I still feel confused

I still feel like I’m not enough

I still haven’t figured out my marketing and my niche

I still struggle with my teenagers

I still feel stuck

I still am reeling from what happened last week, last month, last year

I still haven’t made the money I want to make
I’m still not successful

I’m still trying to figure out how everyone else knows what they are doing and I don’t

I still [insert what it is for you].

Listen in today to find out the one question that can stop you from waiting until later.

Whatever comes after “I still…”

Is the reason you could to hire me as your coach today.

Go from:

“I still haven’t…”

“I’m rockin my life!!”

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