Daily 1% x 216: Wishing Blessings

Daily 1% x 216: Wishing Blessings

Wish someone all the blessings you want.

I was skeptical of this idea when I first heard about it.

At the same time, I immediately loved the idea.

If I could wish someone the blessings I wanted, it felt like I would be able to be so much open to possibility and the belief that there’s enough for all of us.

Me having the blessings didn’t mean someone else couldn’t have them, too.

Today, think about what you want. What are all the blessings you wish for?

Ask God for them for you.

And then ask for them for someone else, too.

When you walk by someone in the store, secretly say:

•“I wish for you that all you need and all you want comes to you.”

•“I wish for you and me everything we want in life.”

Notice what happens to you the more you do this.


What wishes are you sending yourself and others today? I’d love to hear about them. Write them in the comments below!

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