Daily 1% x 215: Your Movie Montage

Daily 1% x 215: Your Movie Montage

Think about what you wish to become.

Most people do not think more than a week or a month into the future.

Studies have shown that once we hit about 30 years old, we stop dreaming.

We stop looking forward to the next big milestone or goal or dream in our life. We stop believing there is something incredible ahead of us.

We get into believing every day will be like the next and the one before it.

Decide today, this won’t be you.

Spend some time today dreaming about ‘future you.’
Close your eyes.

Imagine 6 months into the future.

Where do you want to be? What do you want to have done? How do you want to have changed? What do you want to have learned?

Let yourself get a clear picture of this ‘Future You.’

Make yourself the (s)hero or leading lady of your life movie. Imagine some cinematic music playing.

Let yourself see and get energized by what’s up ahead for you.

What is ‘Future You’ doing six months from now?

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