Daily 1% x 214: Make YOU Your Favorite

Daily 1% x 214: Make YOU Your Favorite

Make YOU your favorite!

Sometimes this idea makes people fear they will become a narcissist or completely selfish. 

**Immediately, your brain  conjures a list of people you believe are narcissists*

A narcissistic doesn’t love themself. They have not made themself their favorite. 

Narcissism is a form of insecurity. 

Fear of being selfish comes when we aren’t honoring ourselves and often, we are worrying about how other people may or may not see us. 

We don’t listen to ourselves. 

If you’ve had these fears…

Know you are not alone. 

I’ve had both of them. 

Neither of these fears have helped me love myself more. 

In fact, they’ve had the opposite effect. 

Making yourself your favorite means you’re loving all the parts of yourself, without judgement. 

You see your struggles and you love yourself even when you say and do things you wish you hadn’t. 

You don’t beat yourself up. 

You can yell at your kids and still love you. 

You can not book the client and still love you. 

You see your humanness and you honor and respect it. 

You know it’s part of who you are. 

You’re supposed to be human. Not a perfection machine. 

At the same time, you know you’re perfect just as you are. 

You don’t need fixing. 

You can get annoyed at your spouse or not, and still love you. 

You want sex or not, and still love you. 

You can feel motivated or like laying around on the couch and still love you. 

You can feel anxious or not, and still love you. 

You can think good thoughts about other people…or not, and still love you. 

You don’t need to be perfectly behaved with perfect thoughts and feelings to love you. 

You need allowing, accepting, and kindness. 

You know those things inspire you more than unkind words. 

You celebrate your awesomeness and pause to see your goodness. 

When you can do this for yourself, it’s a lot easier to genuinely do it for others. 

No matter what happens today…

Let’s make ourselves our favorite.

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