Daily 1% x 213: Make Failure No Big Deal

Daily 1% x 213: Make Failure No Big Deal

Make failure not a big deal, today. 

Babies fall down and get back up and don’t make it mean:

“I am a failure” or…

“I don’t know what the heck I am doing” or…

 “I will never be able to walk.”

They just try again. They practice and practice and practice and don’t get mad about it or how long it takes. 

Babies figure they will walk when they walk. 

In fact…

They don’t even know they are going to walk. 

And that doesn’t bother them at all.

Let’s talk about what this has to do with you…

Ready for a 2022 year in which failure is no big deal? Where you stop procrastinating the podcast you want to create? You start living the healthy life you want to live?

What do you want to do in 2022?

Sign up for the Warrior Workshop Extravaganza in 2022 and I’ll help you make it happen. Email me at davina@davinafear.com or sign up to chat. Last day to register for 2022 is January 3rd.

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