Daily 1% x 17: Money Illusions

Daily 1% x 17: Money Illusions

For years, I thought we were getting past our money struggles. We would get a loan or figure out some crazy way to make ends meet.

It seemed like we would be delivered from our problems.

But the relief was only temporary.

We would do the safe thing to keep us right where we had always been.

Finally, we realized that all the success we were searching for financially was outside our comfort zone. A place we thought we had ventured because money seemed so hard.

Really though, having money issues is what we know…what we are used to.

Allowing ourselves to be stretched, taking responsibility for everything in our lives more fully when it came to finances.

We put all of the excuses we had been making on the altar, asked for forgiveness, and then said, Bring it on! We will do whatever it takes! No matter how painful or outside our comfort zone, we are all in.

Do you have something you’ve been struggling with? Go all in, get outside your comfort zone, give up your excuses for why you haven’t made more progress.

This is your life. What story do you want to be telling about who you are?


The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels

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