Daily 1% x 133: One Disciplined Warrior

Daily 1% x 133: One Disciplined Warrior

If the mind is disciplined, the heart turns quickly from fear to love. -John Cage

You can change one tiny thing each day to become more disciplined in your life.

Do you want to be able to become a more disciplined warrior in your everyday life?

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“We want consistent focus and wisdom that can be called upon in even the most trying situations. Getting there is going to require more work. It’s going to require some wholistic self examination, treating the disease and not just the symptoms.” -Ryan Holiday

You can become a guardian of your heart, mind, and relationships.

One disciplined warrior is worth more than a thousand unruly ones.

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Become a warrior woman and do one tiny thing everyday that will compound over time and transform you into a powerhouse in your life and help you become a disciplined warrior.

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John Cage

Ryan Holiday- Stillness is Key

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