Binge watching and ice cream sandwiches

Binge watching and ice cream sandwiches

Miriam and Emma got their wisdom teeth removed.

Did I tell you that? It was a couple of weeks ago.

Someone told them about a new Amazon series, Poldark.

She said it was sort of like Pride and Prejudice.

While in recovery from their oral surgery, Miriam and Emma began watching this new series.

Pretty soon, we were all watching it.

On some nights, binge watching it…until the early hours of the morning.

And then we added ice cream sandwiches to the mix. (my favorite dessert of all time…resisting them is not easy)

Each night Poldark and ice cream sandwiches became the go to activity.

These two things are against all the things I’ve worked hard to instill in my life…getting a good night’s sleep and not defaulting to food like ice cream sandwiches.

It didn’t take much to see the results.

My mind became more challenging to keep in check.

I noticed I would get discouraged easier.

Spiraling thoughts were happening more often.

A dark cloud began to hang out above my head.

I was getting up later than I wanted to so my days were less productive.

I was doing mini versions of my important daily routines in order to get everything done I wanted to get done.

This experience reminded me: taking care of my physical self makes taking care of my mental and spiritual life much easier.

When I’m caring for myself, getting to bed and waking up at the same time, exercising my mind, spirit, and body, eating food that fuels my body, and paying attention to setting myself up for success when it comes to my helpful and supportive habits has a huge impact on how much easier it is to stay in a better mental and spiritual place.

I am now resolved. Did you know one of Latin derivatives for the word resolve is ‘to untie?”

Untying the habits of my sleep patterns and ice cream sandwich habit of the last week have been happening this week.

Already, I’m feeling so much better.

My thoughts are easier to manage and I’m more in tune with the feelings that come from them.

Taking care of my physical health, some of the fundamental pieces of my life, makes everything else feel easier.

Have you noticed that, too?

To fundamentals practice,


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