Being Someone…

Being Someone…

Last night, my daughter Miriam, helped Grace with her homework

Grace was frustrated and so done with Algebra.

It was late.

Miriam patiently and kindly and thoughtfully helped until all the MATHia was finally finished.

She was there for Grace.

She encouraged her.

Grace still needed to make her lunch, along with several other things, before she could collapse into her bed.

Miriam got out elbow macaroni, boiled the noodles…

she made Grace her lunch.

She packed the best lunch she could think of with what we had in the house.

It was past everyone’s bedtime.

Miriam stayed up until Grace had everything ready for school.

This morning, I got up and noticed the trash was emptied.

The recycle had been taken out.

I knew it had been Miriam.

That’s when it caught my eye…

A Dove Chocolate foil wrapper.

It had been smoothed out until there were no more wrinkles in the foil.

The quote on the wrapper that stared back at me said,

“Be someone you look up to.”

To being someone you look up to,


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