Back to Kindergarten

Back to Kindergarten

I got my blanket.

I laid down on my mat.

In the kindergarten room…

It’s safe to say…

Kindergarten is the last time I was a napper.

Until, last week, that is.

I used to never nap.

I prided myself on never stopping…

always going.

I would see people taking naps and think:

You are wasting so much time.

And then I would drive myself onward and upward.


That’s for sissies.

I would think.

Then I discovered the power of naps.

I found out a secret…

Naps are liberating.

Naps do something magical to my brain.

They make me feel like I have more time, not less.


I’m not taking 2 hour naps.

I take 5 min or 10 min or maybe 20 minute naps…

It depends…

When i switch between topics, activities, or projects I’m doing I take a five min nap.

Sort of like cleansing your palette between the appetizer and the main course…

Or smelling coffee beans between new fragrances at the perfume counter.

Naps are a brain cleanser between activities.

If I can’t stay awake for some reason, I’ll take a 20 min nap.

I get my blanket, sit on my couch with a pillow behind my head, set my timer, close my eyes, and take slow, deep breaths while I my mind chants: ‘restoring’ on the inhale and ‘releasing’ on the exhale.

In that 5 minutes, I imagine light and energy filling my whole body and releasing stuff I may be holding on to…the thoughts, worries, deadlines…

And holy cow.

Naps are energizing and make me feel so much more excited about life.

Have you tried them?

Do it.

You may fall in love.


Where have you been all my life!?!

I love you!

To napping,


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