Are you in an abusive relationship?

Are you in an abusive relationship?

I’m sitting in the oral surgeon’s recovery room waiting for Miriam and Emma to be done getting their wisdom teeth out.


Both girls are getting their wisdom teeth out at the same time!

They said Miriam has been singing.

Grace is clearing photos off her phone so she can video both of them as they come out of their drugged state.


We won’t be posting videos to social media of their funniness.

As much as I’m sure it will be hilarious

…as it was with Emmett when he got his wisdom teeth out…

Call me old fashioned but everything doesn’t need to be on social media for it to have happened.

I’ve been working with my coaching clients…

(many of whom are moms who are business people-or who have dreams of being more than a mom-and want to shed the guilt about it all)

They want more time and they want to be more efficient.

They want clarity and a plan.

One of the things that keeps coming up is…

…about how much of their business actually comes from social media.

I ask them where their clients over the last 6 months have come from.

The women I coach have been thinking their clients come from social media almost exclusively until…

they look at the truth of the numbers and the path by which their clients found them.

To their surprise, more than 80% of the time…

they are discovering the people who end up booking them are NOT coming from social media.

Most often their clients know them in some kind of personal way.

Once I quit social media I discovered the same thing.

Many of the women I coach believe they have to stay on social media for the sake of their business or risk no longer staying in touch with friends and family as intimately.

What if the opposite were true?

What if your relationships and business got better because you left social media?

I’m not saying I’ll leave social media forever but I have realized it has it’s place.

Social media’s purpose is to serve me and you.

“What?”, you may say.

“That sounds so selfish. Why would you say that?”, you may wonder.

Because social media sucking your life away is not cool.

What does social media have to gain?

Is social media worth the amount of time you give away to it?

Time you can never retrieve.

If you lose money or relationships you can get money back, you can even heal relationships.

Time is not retrievable. You cannot reclaim, recover, restore, or repair time.

In other words…

Is social media enriching your life?

Is it helping you to live and serve in an expanded, more powerful way?

Are you forming lasting and meaningful relationships with others?

Social media is not for me or you to…

bow down at it’s whims and fancies

be pulled around by it’s every change and algorithm fantasy.

constantly be at it’s beck and call

There are ways social media can be used wisely and responsibly instead of it being an abusive relationship.

Abusive may sound dramatic.

But it’s also not completely out of the question.

Consider how much social media controls your life…

When you log on, do you end up feeling like you’re never enough?
Do you feel drained, like you’ve given all you had left to give and you still feel empty?
Do you feel like you can’t leave social media?
Is it hard to escape the cycle you get in once you log on?
Do you end up feeling like you or your life is lame in comparison?
Are you concerned about what others will think if you leave social media?
Do you feel ashamed for being you?
Do you sometimes retreat to social media feeling like social media gets you when other people don’t?
Does social media manipulate your emotions and feelings?

In many ways, I took back my own voice, my responsibility, my power when I quit social media.

If I return to social media, it will be on my terms.

Over the past year and a half…yes! I left social media a year and a half ago!

My business has not tanked.

In fact, I got greater clarity and purpose around my business than I have ever had before.

My life as a whole is in a better place than it has ever been.

Tuning out the voices of a million people on Instagram and Facebook made it so I could hear my own voice.

I could see my own dreams again.

[Listen to my quitting social media story on my podcast HERE.]

More and more benefits for not being on social media keep coming into my life.

I invite you to become aware of your relationship with social media.

Maybe you have a great relationship with social media.

Maybe there’s nothing you need to change.

When I took a look at it for me, that was not the case.

Cutting social media from my life was huge.

The fog I didn’t know I had been existing in began to lift.

The haze over my mind melted away.

I began living again.

To knowing what matters and what doesn’t,


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