Are you having fun?

Are you having fun?

Have you purchased 2 llamas lately…

For fun?

Last night I went to an event at BYU…

Created by my son, Emmett, and his amazing team.

The purpose was to invite students to join their Changemaker Club, a club for students who want to make a difference in the world through business.

I wanted to join! I wish I could!

(If you’re a student at BYU join HERE or send the link to a BYU student you know who wants to make a difference in the world. Scroll down to Changemaker Club.)

They planned for around 200 people to come and….

ended up with over 700 students in attendance!

They had to change venues to accommodate everyone!

(Super proud mom moment of Emmett and his team!)

It was incredible!

Davis Smith, founder of Cotapaxi spoke about social innovation…

Making a difference in the world through business.

Twenty years ago Davis met Edgar…

A boy on the streets of Brazil who had his shoeshine kit stolen.

Davis helped him get his business back on track.

From that moment on, he wanted to do something that would help boys like Edgar, who lived on the streets.

He couldn’t get Edgar out of his mind.

Everyday, he woke up thinking about him.

Years later…

Davis had a company with $55mm in venture capital and 300 employees in Brazil.

He realized he didn’t want that life or that kind of business.

Davis quit his huge company, and moved back to Salt Lake City…

He wanted to make a difference on another level.

He created a new company…

Cotapaxi, an outdoor gear company that would do good in the world (named after a volcano in Ecuador.)

Getting the word out was the first step so…

Questival was born…

an adventure race with a team of friends where you get to know your city, do crazy challenges, and volunteer, making a difference in your community while have a ton of fun.

Purchasing 2 llamas off the KSL classifieds and…

Taking the risk of getting kicked off college campuses, Davis walked the llamas onto Brigham Young University’s campus.

Immediately, students gathered around…

“What’s with the llamas?” they asked…

“Questival is coming!” Davis replied.

“Sign up!”

Two hours later, the BYU police pulled up in their cart.

Davis was certain he was about to get ushered off campus or arrested.

Police said, “Hey! Can we get a selfie with your llamas?”

Questival is now huge! Thousands of people get together to have fun and make a difference.

Our family participated in (and won!) a mini version of Questival, Seize the Dia, as a team, this past summer.

It was awesome!

If you haven’t done Questival, do it!

What I noticed with Emmett and his team and Davis Smith and what he’s built with Cotapaxi and Questival is…

how much fun they are having!

Are you having fun?

I asked myself this.

I discovered I could be having way more fun…

Not taking myself so seriously.

(Because trust me…

I can get wayyyy to serious…

and stressed out…)

Creating MORE opportunities within my life and business for fun and making a difference would be AWESOME and exciting!

I ask you…

are you having fun?

If you’re not, what’s the point?

Why are you doing what you’re doing if you’re not having fun doing it?

Stop what you’re doing.

Figure out how to make it fun…

If you can’t figure out how to have fun…

Maybe it’s time to do something else.

Life is too short not to be having fun.

If you’re stressed out about your family or business or life.

Take a step back.

It doesn’t have to be that serious!

Nothing needs to be so serious.

Do something that brings the fun back into whatever you’re doing…

with whoever you’re doing it with.

Fun matters.

If you’re plugging away at your computer today and it’s not fun…

This is your permission slip to create some fun today.

I’d love to hear what you decide to do!

Fun ideas are my favorite…

Reply to this email and tell me what fun thing you decide to do today or how you decide to inject some fun into your business!

I’m still here in Provo with Emmett today…

Maybe we will create our own little challenge list of fun for today…including how to have more fun in my own business

What about you?

To having more fun,



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