Are you 50% right?

Are you 50% right?

We are in a time when it’s tempting to defend what we believe…

Or feel unjustly accused of something we don’t think we are guilty of…

Our human brain wants to be right.

It’s totally normal.

Us being right is a huge part of what keeps us alive.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been asking myself:

What if I could be 50% right?

What if other people could be 50% right?

No one is 100% right.

I discovered…

Thinking from this place opens up my heart to figuring out what I believe and helps me…

Hear what other people are saying and…

Allows my brain to be stretched without freaking out.

If there’s 50% right in what you’re saying and what I’m saying, then we can have a conversation…

Then I can be open to being both wrong and right.

Which means, you can be both right and wrong.

It allows me to do my own gathering from all sides of an issue and draw my own thoughtful conclusions.

It’s possible your brain is 50% right.

We are exploring this idea in the Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge in our brain hacking week.

Join the next round with us

To the Warrior Woman in you,


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