80’s Rocker Hair

80’s Rocker Hair

Today’s outfit decision: Braid or 80s Rocker Hair. 

My usual default these days is a braid.
It’s a small thing but to stretch myself a little…
I’m going for the 80s rocker hair.
When I wear my hair down, I typically like to curl it a little.
Rarely do I let it be wild and free and big and rocker-y.
The rocker look is a little frizzy and wavy and straight and messy.
I actually love it.
But when I wear it this way
I sometimes get worried about what people will think:
•did she roll out of bed and do nothing with her hair?•doesn’t she know it’s not 1980 anymore?•what the heck is going on with that frizzy mess?•doesn’t she know she can get product to tame that crazy big mane?
Letting my fears guide my decisions leads to self doubt, people pleasing, depression, and discouragement.
Owning what I love leads to self love and trust, confidence, kindness to myself and others, creativity, and joy.
Love yourself.
Love your decisions.
Stop second guessing.
Make mistakes with your decisions.
Love yourself anyway.
Know your decisions were exactly right for you.
Know they lead you to right where you’re meant to be.
What decisions are you making today to stop worrying about what other people think and start trusting yourself? 

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