Spiritual creation then physical creation

You are more powerful than you think you are. So am I. I’ve been reading a book this week. This is the message… My brain and my heart, working together can do incredible things. Being of one heart and one mind… With all your heart, mind, and soul… Combining thoughts with feelings, imagining ourselves, our…

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Daily 1% x 165: Past or Future Creation?

When you consider who you want to be, do you look back at your past or toward your future?  In order to become the people we desire to be, we have to find ways to become that person in the present. Listen in to hear how you can live your life now to grow into…

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Mom Guilt

Anyone experience mom guilt when it comes to being a mom and business owner? And beat yourself up over it? I’m going to share something I shared someone else: It’s tough…

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