seek and ye shall find…

Our brains like to prove us right. We say, “I’m terrible at remembering names.” Immediately, your brain shows you all the times this has been true in your life. If you say, “I know the names of all of my family and friends.” Ding. Your brain would show you how right you are. This is the job of your brain.…

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Episode 71: Discomfort

No person is an overnight success. That includes you. In order to reach our goals and our dreams we will have to experience discomfort. However, you will not have to struggle as much, if you will do the one thing I discuss in this podcast episode. SHOW NOTES Russell Brunson Sign up for the 21…

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exhaustion and procrastination: is this you?

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” Have you said this to yourself, too? Tomorrow comes and goes. “I’ll do it at the start of next week.” I’ve said this before when it came to…•getting back on that diet•taking the books back to the library•the laundry•starting a podcast•cleaning out that junk drawer in the kitchen and… many other things. Have you done…

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Daily 1% x 160: Buffering

  SHOW NOTES Sign up for the 21 Day Warrior Women Challenge! Get your FREE Warrior Women quote kit. FREE DOWNLOAD from Episode 69: Being Successful Join my e-mail list HERE.

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Episode 69: Being Successful

Have you ever felt like you are the only person in the world that is not having success? Well, I’m here to tell you that maybe you are looking in the wrong places! Like the old Danish proverb says, “If envy were a fever, all the world would be ill.” Don’t let the success others…

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Are you 50% right?

We are in a time when it’s tempting to defend what we believe… Or feel unjustly accused of something we don’t think we are guilty of… Our human brain wants to be right. It’s totally normal. Us being right is a huge part of what keeps us alive. Over the last few weeks I’ve been asking myself: What if I could…

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Episode 68: What I’m Learning

As a family, we have been talking a lot about the current events in the country and what takeaways we can learn from this experience. In this episode, I will discuss the things we have learned from what has been going on and some things that we just don’t have a definite answer for yet.…

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