Daily 1% x 16: Staying

The distractions, enticements, email, texts, Oh MY! There are so many things vying for our attention everyday. The swirl of things around us can make if very difficult to get the…

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Episode 18: Decide

One decision changed my life. It made me stop being a child in multiple areas...my weight, money, blaming others, what I ate, exercising, my relationship with God. I stopped being an…

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Daily 1% x 15: Feelings

So often, we believe feelings are the beginning. They are not the beginning.They are a guide, a light that gets shed on the truth of our thoughts.Feelings can show us patterns.They…

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Living A Better Story

We woke up Friday morning to a rainy day. My parents were in town for Miriam and Emma's graduation. We weren't crazy about being stuck inside all day. It was National…

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Daily 1% x 13: Showing Up

Doing what matters everyday can be challenging. It's tempting to let every other thing that doesn't really matter, matter more than the thing that really matters. That's a tongue twister. I…

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Daily 1% x 12: Adventure

Do you know why you love to travel? Go to a new place? See new tv shows? Experience new things? Try new food?Because your brain loves it! Your brain literally changes…

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