Daily 1% x 5: Awesomeness

Do you sometimes wake up feeling less than stellar? Me, too. In today’s The Daily 1% I’m sharing with you the one phrase I say to myself all day everyday. I’ve been saying these nine words for several years now and it’s changed the way I see myself, my ability to bounce back, and decreased…

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How to not lose your mind

Forty seven things are happening around here, everyday, these days. I haven’t officially clocked it but May and the end of school feels busier and crazier than December. Do you feel the same way? Does it seem like you’re running around like a crazy lady? Not only that, but lots of feelings surround this time…

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Daily 1% x 4: Trusting

The day I lost everything I had written and what happened next... If you've been frustrated by things not going your way in your life lately, this Daily 1% is for…

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Does parenting get easier?

“Does parenting get any better? Any easier? Please tell me it does...” says the exhausted, sleep deprived parent of three kids under three years old... This is one of the most…

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Daily 1% x 2: Practice

Babies fall down and get back up. We think this is impressive because they don’t give up. There’s another reason it’s so important for babies use those legs again and again. In our own practice, it’s the same for us. Listen in to find out why practice is about more than not giving up. Ready…

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Daily 1% x 1: Perspective

The Daily 1% is coming to you Monday, Wednesday, Friday. These mini-episodes will be 5 minute (or less) ways to live 1% better everyday. Each episode has thoughts and/or ideas that can be implemented in less than five minutes, too! Improving by 1% everyday is based on James Clear’s idea from his book, Atomic Habits.…

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Episode 13: Negative Thoughts

Battling negative thoughts can be challenging. Know you are not alone. Someone awesome fought negative thoughts. I’ve struggled with negative thoughts, too. There is hope. I’m sharing a couple of things I do daily that are simple to incorporate into daily life and can be done anywhere… which is what we all need, right? Since…

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I hadn’t realized

This morning I told you about what I had never done before. If you missed it you can read it here. I promised you I'd tell you more about that experience...…

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