When you justify

Progress and practice. Everyday I practice. I practice showing up here at this keyboard. My alarm goes off at 5am. I get up. I meditate. I pray. I visualize. I write.…

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We opened the two letters.They both said no. Denied.No to the dream of going to BYU for both of our girls.The disappointment was deep.We’ve visited BYU campus on every trip we've…

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What self-doubt means

You can't do this.Are you crazy?People aren't going to like this. You aren't a big name. Your following isn't very big.No one cares! What you have to say and create doesn't…

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When I don’t want to

I wanted to stay in bed this morning.And when I got out of bed, I wanted to go back to bed.I didn’t.Writing was waiting for me. And I didn’t want to…

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Who is loveable?

In-laws and the people at church can be some of the most challenging relationships.Is that just me?I don't think so. I've spoken with too many women who have struggled, too.During the…

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Sleeping for a semester

The buzzing alarm, at a frequency that jolts me awake, immediately makes me annoyed. It’s not my alarm. I’m not supposed to be awake for another hour. I get out of bed, tell the person their alarm has been going off. They get up, hit snooze. Nine minutes later, the alarm sounds again. I lay…

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There's a story about a small village in Africa where, each Christmas Eve, no one gives gifts. Instead all of the villagers bring their conflicts to their leaders that haven't been…

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Episode 2: Start With You

Everything starts with you, not your circumstances or someone else...YOU. Has setting goals not really worked for you or choosing a word to live by? Here's a new approach that gives…

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