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My weekly emails are raw, real, and speak the truth in powerful ways. I’d love to include you as I share real life, real inspiration and as we wrestle with real problems together. 

Alisa Crowell

“It is SO easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing what matters most and at a much deeper level.”

Krista Harrison

“Thank you for your example and how you overcome the struggles of the day.  I love reading what you have to say. Thank you.”

Adrienne Babbitt

“You really need to know what a good thing you are doing. You do it beautifully and it is A TREASURE!”

Kimberly Cauble

"Thanks for being so honest and transparent! You truly are an encouragement and a gift."

Confidence Course

Taking my confidence course can truly be the first step into a new life and a new you. We will cover understanding where you are, so you know where to begin and then you will discover the vision of who you can become. Finally, we will give you some practical tools for connecting with God so you don’t have to do this incredible work all on your own. Join me, you’ve got this!

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Are you wondering how confident you truly are in your life? Have you wanted to believe in yourself but find it difficult to keep your commitments to you? Take the quiz that can help you assess the areas that will bring you the quickest wins and build your belief in what you can achieve!

About Davina

I’m Davina Fear, mom to four kids, married for almost 25 years to Hot Guy. I have been working with women in all kinds of capacities for over a decade. I’ve been with them on their most memorable and big days and with them in their everyday, in the trenches days. I’ve seen them in their best and in their challenging moments. I’m here to tell you, you are incredible, strong and powerful. The work you are doing is changing lives and changing the world. In that process, you may feel lost or stuck or insecure or doubtful about who you are or what’s next or want more. I’ve been there. Let’s change your world–keeping everything that matters to you and making…